Akat Akat

Akat-Akat means "beautiful" for the Asmat, and this is where we begin. The Asmat have always had a strong desire to adorn themselves. But how do you translate body decoration in our modern era? How can we preserve the symbolism? Can we assist the Asmat in developing a distinct, contemporary garb?
Is it possible to open a market for the Asmat where not only the wooden sculptures of the men are in demand, but also other artistic skills?
All of these questions have evolved to become the first collection of Akat-Akat, which was presented in 2007 at the annual cultural festival.

old Asmat worrior


Traditionell geschmückter Asmat mit Nasenschmuck aus Kasuarknochen.

Pesta Budaya - Lumba Ukir

Two women observing the art festival in Agats.


T-Shirt with Asmat shield motiv, presented by Kati.

white line

Paulus and his wife, Collection „white“

Akat Akat fashion line

Ursula and Paulus on the Catwalk in Agats.

Asmat Akat Akat sewing room

From this project a small industry is developing. A group of women had the idea to organize themselves into a sewing group. Their work, appropriate clothes that are spiced up with traditional Asmat motifs, and will be produced for the domestic market.