Weltauffassung im Spiegel der Kunst

Perception of Life in Art
The Collection of the Asmat Museum of Culture and Progress

The book "Asmat – Perception of Life in Art,”  is the, essential guide to the famous Asmat Museum for Culture and Progress, located in Agats, Asmat, Papua, Indonesia. Of the 600+ objects on display, over 300 impressive sculptures, ancestor poles, shields, and drums, are individually described along with a comprehensive overview of the traditional Asmat carving, and its further development into the present.

Magnificent, true to scale color photographs show the entire museum existence in chronological sequence, beginning with early sculptures collected circa 1958 up to modern exhibits that spawned from the annual carving competition of 1981 to 2000.

This volume also provides a basic reference to the story, culture, and way of life of the different ethnic groups of Asmats. Selected contributions of different authors discuss the roll of current day Asmat art, or so called, “primitive peoples,” in an international art world and the historic development of the Asmat- museum along with its meaning for the people of the Asmat.

This new book represents an important contribution to the understanding of the fascinating art of the Asmat. It also mediates insight into the way of life and culture of a "stone age” population of 80,000 people. Surprisingly we discover many parallels to our own culture 3000 years ago

Perception of Life in Art

The Collection of the Asmat Museum of Culture and Progress
Edited by
Ursula Konrad · Alphonse Sowada · Gunter Konrad

Published in German (ISBN 3-87448-227-8)
English (ISBN 3-87448-229-4)
Indonesian editions (ISBN 3-87448-228-6), 2002
publisher K. Kuehlen Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, Moenchengladbach, Germany
© copyright Asmat Museum of Culture and Progress, Agats, Papua, Indonesia.
Hardcover, 384 p. : ill. (chiefly col.), maps; 31 cm