Attack and Defense

Portrait of the Artist Primus Oambi

Film Sculpture Photo

12th June 2010

Globalization not necessarily must be negative. Also in Asmat names like Michael Ballack are known to everyone.
Only the soccer fields in Asmat are different due to the swampland. Pretty soon every game is a mudbath much to the amusement of the players and the spectators.

Modern Asmat art incorporates many aspects of modern life, even soccer. The artist Primus Oambi took up this theme and sculptured his own soccer team. Like Fumeripits the creator of the Asmat who made wooden sculptures alive by beating the drum, maybe some day we will hear about an extraordinary team from Asmat.

Ingo Wegerl

Faces from a different World

21st November 2009

The artistic dialogue with the complex Asmat culture provided a challenge for Ingo Wegerl. A conceptually arranged series of 33 paintings was created. Almost entirely devoted to portraits, format and seize of groupings within the series is  varied. Sizes range form 30 cm x 30 cm through to 80 cm x 160 cm and up to 125 cm x 340 cm, the only solitary canvas.

These are faces form a different world, where Ingo Wegel captures the enigma of that culture as well as its history, past and present. Faces, independent of typological characteristics, which witness the life of the individual as well as the entire people.
Each painting requires numerous processes of work. First acrylics are applied, followed by tempera,  then repeatedly sanded off, rubbed down and blurred and painted over. This results in a surface structure with pictorial plasticity; individual segments appear and the hidden appears again or is seemingly dissolved. Often the monochrome use of color remains dominant.  Isolated gold leaf is used as a contrast - gold leaf which is the context and in the understanding of Christian paining tradition may be understood as cultural anachronism.


For more information about the artist please visit the home page of Ingo Wegerl




Detlev Ilgner

Detlev Ilgner

To new shores with the Asmat

1st May 2009

For the opening of the new  rooms on Spandau lake the Asmat Art Galerie will show selected art work from  Asmat artists and photographs from Detlef Illgner. Part of his photographs  were taken during his expedition in the fall of 2008. They reflect in a unique  manner how strongly the soul of the Asmat links not only to its environment,  but also to our western emotions and thoughts. 
Detlef Illner  lives in Korschenbroich, in the lower Rhine area, he works as freelance  photographer and since 2002 has travelled regularly to Asmat.