Veröffentlichte Videos

Arrows Against the Wind (1992); Oley, PA: Bullfrog Films, Inc. (52 min.); RESERVE DU 744.5 .A82 A77 1992


A World Away (1993). Minneapolis, MN: WCCO-TV. (30 min.) RESERVE DU 744.35 .A82 W6 1993


Asmat, Time's Forgotten People (2000); Filmmakers Library. (52 min.); RESERVE DU 744.35.A82 A86 2000


Dance of the Warriors (1989); Montauk, NY: Mystic Fire Video. (v.2, Ring of Fire series); RESERVE DU 744.34 .A82 D3 1989


Part 2 of a four-part series of programs documenting the ten-year voyage of Lorne and Lawrence Blair through the islands of Indonesia. In this segment, the Blairs' visit the island of Sumba where the local people weave magical textiles; Asmat headhunters in New Guinea; giant lizards in Komodo; and the farmers, mystics and artists of Bali; Good adventure film!


In Search of Michael Rockefeller (1978); Santa Monica, CA: Pyramid Film & Video. (24 min.) RESERVE DU 744.35 .A82 I5 1978


Last of the Stone Agers, Part 1 (1997); RESERVE DU 740.42 .L37 1997


Famed French explore, Herve de Maigret, co-producer of the Academy Award winning documentary, "The Sky Above, The Mud Below" returns to New Guinea thirty years after he made contact with tribes along the Asmat coast. He hopes to gain a final glimpse of the meaning behind their practices before the Asmat disappear.


Quest: The Origins of Modern Beliefs, V.7 - Last of the Stone Agers, Part 2  (1998); Burroughs, Jim with Herve and Pamela de Maigret. (Herve de Maigret was the radio operator with the French Expedition in 1959).


Rituals of the Asmat Tribe (1990); Films for the Humanities & Sciences (30 min., color); RESERVE DU 744.35 .A82 R5 1990


Visit to the Asmat in West Irian, Indonesia, a surviving Stone Age culture known for headhunting. Explanation of tribal rituals and modern influences.


The Sky Above, The Mud Below - from the 1959 French expedition (1987); Academy award winning documentary (1961) co-produced by French explorer, Herve de Maigret, Oakville, ONT: Lorimar Home Video Canada. (92 min.); RESERVE DU 740.42 .S69 1987